Israel’s next war.

Israel’s next war.

This writer has a superb record of thoughtful comments, from a liberal Jewish perspective, on the situation in the Middle East. This article seems to me to encapsulate everything that is terrifying about the continual ramping up of sabre rattling in Israel and Iran, and my heart weeps at the thought that Lebanon, already under such pressure from the situation in neighbouring Syria, could again see war in its south with Israel.

When will the leaders of this area remember Churchill’s famous adage – “jaw-jaw is always better than war-war”. How many more thousands – hundreds of thousands, millions – need to die until we acknowledge the simple truth that all humans are equal, all desire peace and work and dignity. Anything that removes peace, dignity and work from ordinary people will inevitably, as night follows day, produce violence, and that violence will be followed by violence, until wisdom – or more likely exhaustion – brings it to an end.


I am Mute Today

I am Mute Today.

Events in Colorado over recent days have shaken us all. This is one of the most thoughtful and moving comments I have read on the terrible cinema masacre.

I know which side of the gun control debate I am on, without one sliver of doubt, but I deeply respect that the emotions raised by yet another mass shooting are terribly difficult for many people to bear, and I applaud Val’s call for a return to civility when debating this and many other topics. It’s not a long read, and I warmly recommend it to you.